India Club at Georgia Tech is the largest cultural organization on campus with our major events consistently drawing over 1000 attendees. Our member base has grown by 52% in the past two years as we cater to a competitive pool of both graduate and undergraduate students in colleges across the state, families, professionals, and companies. As an organization we host major events targeting cultural, professional, athletic, and philanthropic interests of the community.

Along with events, our organization has started multiple initiatives targeted at enhancing the experience of our members. The ICGT Tiffin Service is a first of its kind initiative where home cooked indian food is offered at a low cost to students on campus. In addition, the India Club Airport Transportation service crowdsources drivers to provide airport transportation to over 150+ Georgia Tech students.

As a nonprofit we believe in giving back to our community. Our partner charity organizations include Asha (an organization that brings education to underprivileged children), Be the Match (Bone Marrow matching), and Run for Hope (Cancer relief fund). As an organization we uphold ourselves to the highest of standards which is why we so strongly believe in giving back. 


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